Monday, October 23, 2006

It's been a loooooong time.....

It's been such a long time since I last posted. It's also been about the same amount of time since I picked up the needles. I'm not sure why - but I guess I am in some kind of a slump. I can't believe I have not knit anything in about a month. I am thinking about it again, so I hope to pick up the needles soon. My current UFO's are Arrowheads & the Icarus shawl.

I recently went back to work full time (40+ hours/week (from 6.5 hour days to 9 hour days)) and I started a new job at the same time - same company (hooray) but new position (double hooray). I guess there' s just so much change going on right now, that I have not felt like knitting. The increased hours certainly do not leave a whole lot of time now for leisure. And - it's a much longer day, so a lot of times, I'm just too tired to even knit.

I've been in my new role for just over a month now, and things are finally beginning to calm down a little. I made the transition right at year-end, so I not only had my new year-end repsonsibilities but my year-end responsibilties from my old job as well (down side of just moving around in the same company: you can't just give a 2 week notice - it's for how ever long it takes for the transition).

Maybe writing this will inspire me to knit tonight!!! I hope so. I think I'll work on Icarus if I do pick up the needles. I started that project way back in May, and I've completed only about 3% of it so I think its more than deserving of my focus right now.