Monday, July 21, 2008

27 or 30? - that is the question

My Voyager Lace Stole is coming along quite nicely. I'm just not sure yet whether I am going to knit just the 27 pattern repeats called for in the pattern or knit a few extras (I'm thinking 30 total repeats). I've finished 26 repeats so I'll check out the length after one more repeat and see how I like it.

Based on the pattern as written, I am 94% complete, having knit 15,102 stitches. If I increase the total stitch count and add 3 additional pattern repeats, I'll be at 85% complete. At either rate, I should be finished within a few days, depending on much knitting time I get in the evenings.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Voyager Progress & Ravelympics

Well, after almost a month hiatus from knitting (I just have not been in the mood), I've picked up the needles once again and have worked on my Voyager Lace Stole. Here's where I am at:

• 47% complete; 7,555 stitches
• 127 pattern rows complete
• cast on edge - picot edge complete

I decided to knit the picot edge before completing the entire stole first because the extra yarn I left at the cast on was beginning to get too splitty. And, the little ball I had rolled it into was getting annoying, anyway. I unzipped the provisional cast on & picoted away!!! I did not run into too much difficulty with the unzipping - anticipation of having to do it was much worse than the actual unzipping.

I really like working with this yarn - Lion Brand Cotton-Ease. In fact, I may knit the Pinwheel Baby Blanket in this. April, from work, is going to have a baby in late December/early January (her 2nd one) so I have been perusing baby patterns and fell in love with this blanket. I'll start it August 8 to coincide with the opening ceremony of Ravelympics! I'm entered in the Baby Dressage as well as the Sock Put, so I'll be making a pair of socks, as well.