Monday, September 18, 2006

Arrowheads - a first look

I have begun Arrowheads from Knitting out of Africa. This is an interesting knit. You start out at the cuff, knitting in the round and then you progress through the entire length of the sleeve until you get to the underarms. Then you knit several rows (back & forth) as you gradually increase, forming the side of the sweater. You then join the rows again and continue to knit in the round, forming the body. I have finished the first sleeve and am just about to finish up the first pattern repeat of the body.

I've still got a long way to go, though, until I start decreases for the other sleeve. Once the knitting is complete, I will need to cut steeks at the bottom of the sweater in order to open up the body. I then do the same at the neck line.

This is such an unusual construction, which makes it all the more fun to knit, and is why I chose to make this sweater. This will be my first attempt at steeks. I'm using KnitPicks Palette which is 100% wool. That should help in keeping the steek area in tact. I'm awful at sewing so I need all the help I can get. I'd hate for the sweater to unravel at the steeks! I am also using two stranded knitting. This technique is a bit of a challenge. I've got some puckering which I think is a result of uneven tension. Hopefully, I can steam this all out at the blocking stage.

Knitting out of Africa
Cast on 08.04.06
Knitpicks Palette, Green & Mint
Size 4US (3.50mm) 24", Inox Circular-body
Size 2US (3.00mm) 24", Knitpicks Circular-cuff

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