Thursday, September 01, 2005

USM Pullover Completed

I finished the Union Square Market Pullover. It came out a little big on me, so it will probably just be something I wear around the house. Oh, well. The sleeves are long, and the bell shaping makes them seem even bigger.

I also decided to FINALLY block my Field of Flowers shawl. This was the first lace shawl I had ever made. I began it in October 2002, and only just finished it about 6 months ago. I figured it was finally time to block it and make it an officially completed object.

Here's a couple pictures of the gang - Adam, Jazz-Purr and Jacob & Cleo. Scooter was too shy this time to have her picture taken. The big question is - will Adam get his hair cut for Jacob's Bar Mitzvah???

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--Deb said...

It looks beautiful, though--I'm sorry you're not happy with it! I plan on shortening the sleeves on mine . . . if I ever get that far (it feels like it's taking forever).