Thursday, August 25, 2005

Kiri on Size 4US

Ok - I did it. I started Kiri on size 4 needles. I am now up to the same point as I was on my first start of Kiri using size 6 needles - 40 rows. It only took a couple hours to get to this point versus several days using size 6. Working with the smaller needles was tremendously easier than working with the larger size. I had more control of the yarn and no need for tinking this time (well, maybe a few stitches required tinking, but not nearly as many as before).

Below is a comparison of the 2 Kiris side by side. The one on the left was made on size 4 needles and the one on the right was made with size 6. Obviously, the one on the left is a lot smaller, but that's OK. I'll just do extra repeats to get the size I want. I'm only 5'1" anyway, so I was not planning on making a large shawl. The cute little girl in the picture is Cleo. Of my 3 cats, she's the most interested in knitting. Oh - what she will do for some yarn...

Here are the 2 Kiris close-up. The top one is the size 6. I am going to go ahead and frog the size 6 and work on the smaller one. It will be a much happier experience, believe me. Also, if you notice, I am not using markers with my second start on Kiri. I found that they got in the way with such thin yarn. As I get into larger repeat rows, I may have to start using the markers, but for now I'll go without.

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Tina said...

I just found your blog through the GAOL-KAL. I just wanted to say I'm impressed by the sizedifference in your two Kiri shaw by going down 2 sizes in needles. It looks very nice anyway, and seems to be a fun knit.