Tuesday, January 16, 2007

1st Project of 2007

I am knitting an afghan for my oldest son. It's a red & black checkerboard pattern. I am knitting this in garter stitch, 25 sts and 40 rows per square. I am beginning with a 5 square across section and will continue this until it is at least 10 squares tall. I will go beyond the 10 squares if my son wants it longer. I then plan to make another 5 square across section and graft that together with the first section. I am only doing 5 squares across at a time because there are just too many skeins of yarn. For each row of squares, I have to deal with 5 skeins (1 skein per square). It's pretty cumberson.

Here are the stats so far:
Cast On: 01.06.07
Needles: Clover Bamboo CN, Size 9 US (5.5mm); 24"
Yarn: Red & Black - Caron Simply Soft
Pattern: My own - Garter Stitch, 25 sts & 40 rows per square
Notes: For my oldest son
Notes: Start w/ 5 squares across, at least another 5 to follow
Notes: Goal - 100 squares total (10 x 10) {although coud be more if my son wants it larger}

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