Monday, January 22, 2007

Arrowheads no more....

<=======This is no more. My arrowhead sweater is now just a couple skeins of yarn. After speaking with someone who happens to be a fantastic knitter, I decided to rip the whole thing out. My guage was way off and I think this was because of the way I did stranded knitting. My normal way of knitting is the English method - I throw the yarn with my right hand. However, the ideal way to knit stranded is to use the Continental method - holding the yarn in your left hand. The way I was knitting resulted in too tight of a guage and a lot of puckering. So Arrowheads is no more. I will begin it again once I have practiced knitting in the Continental method for awhile. It's like learning to knit all over again.

So - I went here, Knitting Help On-Line Videos to figure out how. I also found this video on YouTube which I thought was very helpful.

All I need now is a lot of practice, and I just happen to be working on my son's checkerboard afghan, so I will use the Continental method to finish it.

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Pat said...

Ouch - that WAS a beautiful difficult it must have been to frog and let go!!
I'll be looking forward to your starting again after your checkerboard practise. (I strand right handed....or sometimes right and left handed - never just left handed)