Monday, July 16, 2007

My Next Project... Endless Summer by Katherine Hunt from Knitter's (K87), Summer 2007

Pics from Knitter's K87, Summer 2007

I actually liked a lot of projects from this issue, so I may be knitting quite a few.

I'm going to knit this particular sweater out of Lion Brand Microspun in lavender, buttercup and lime. I've wanted to try this yarn for quite some time now, despite hearing alot of complaints about its tendency to split, but I had not found that "perfect" pattern that fits the guage. Well, this particular pattern fits the bill. My guage with the microspun is right on. The yarn is so soft and the colors are so fun & frivolous. And -- so far, I have not had an issue with the yarn splitting. I can tell from the yarn ends that the tendency is definately there, but as long as I watch out for that, I do not think it will be a problem.

One change I am making to the pattern is that I am going to knit this in the round. I want to avoid as many seams as possible.

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Restless Knitter said...

Microspun is sneaky yarn. You think you've conquered it's splittiness when you notice what looks to be a snag, or maybe a little piece of fuzz, 6 inches back. You realize it is not a snag or fuzz, but it is where Microspun has snuck a split in on you. It drives you bonkers so you grab your trusty crochet hook and fix it. This is when the yarn really shows you who is boss because now you see there is not just one split, but 5 others. Microspun is nice to touch but sometimes it can be downright mean. I hope it's nice to you.