Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Endless Summer Ends and Do-Overs Begin

I finished the Endless Summer top on Saturday and will post a picture soon. It came out a little big, but I'd rather have it a little big than too small. However, I do think I could have gotten away with making it in the smaller size. It came out to the exact dimensions I had anticipated, but the way it fits, it just hangs, so a snugger fit may have been more appealing. Oh well - you live and learn. I may make it again - it was a fast & easy knit. Knitting in the round rather than front and back separately certainly saved on seaming. I only had to set in the sleeves and that was not all that bad.

The mesh pattern in the sweater is really pretty. It adds a lot of texture as does the seed stitch. All and all, a great pattern. That's why I may just knit this one again. I very rarely knit the same item twice because I get too bored, but this one just may be a winner. I would change the color combo, though, and use a different yarn - maybe a cotton blend or wool.

Pattern: Endless Summer by Katherine Hunt
Source: Knitter's 87 (Summer 2007)
Date: Cast On: 07.14.07 // Cast Off: 08.04.07
Yarn: Lion Brand, Micro Spun, Lavender, Lime and Buttercup
Needles: Size 5 US (3.75mm), Inox circular needles, 16" and 24"

I just started back into the checkerboard afghan for my son. I had been knitting this, but I ripped that out on Saturday & Sunday (yes - it took 2 days) and started it over in crochet. I did not like using 6 skeins at once - too much tangling up and my floats for the color changes were too big (and discovered too late), so I decided to just start from scratch. I figured I'd try crochet and see how that goes for awhile. I'll post pictures on my progress soon.

This is the checkerboard before it got sent to the frong pond:

I am also going to start the Arrowheads sweater as well. This is the progress I hade made almost a year ago before that got sent to the frog pond because my gauge was waaaay off. I think I am ready to tackle this project again. It's about time I learned two-handed fairisle.

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