Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Blueberry Wine (I mean Vine).

I am knitting the Vine Yoke Cardigan for my Ravelympics 2010 project. It is a pattern by Ysolda Teague.

The Vine Yoke Cardigan has a very unique construction. It’s a real joy knitting something so different and watching how it becomes a garment. However, because of the odd shape that it takes, I find it kind of bulky and in the way when I am knitting back on the short rows. It kind of pushes up on the cable of my circular needle.

I have completed the right front & sleeve and have just begun the back. The thought of knitting 102 rows is kind of putting me off, right now, but I will persevere & knit on, although last night, I only knit about 8 rows….

The cabled yoke is getting very puffy, but hopefully, I can smooth that out in the blocking.

I think the biggest issue I have encountered so far is that my wrapped stitches are turning out really loose. I may have to run some yarn through them “creatively” when it is all said & done to hide the looseness.

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