Friday, November 11, 2005

Kitty Time

Ok - what can be cuter than this? --A kitty in a box-- No, make that...A kitty in an itty bitty box. Jazz-Purr can barely fit in the box, yet he has to get in it and check it out just the same. I guess he thinks he's a lot smaller than he looks. Granted, he's under 8 pounds, but to try to make this box his bed? I don't think so...Does he think no one can see him? I don't think so..Isn't he just the cutest? I DO think so...

And I bet you all are wondering what was in this box that created such a stir. It's a universal dock for the soon to be delivered 60gb white video iPod that Jacob ordered. Lucky boy. And thank-you Steve Jobs for your continuous innovation & vision. GO APPLE!!!! Yep - you got it - I'm a huge Apple fan. Have been since 1991 when I used my first mac. It was the SE, the teeny tiny little box with a whopping 8k of memory, if I remember correctly.

Ok - time to give Jazz-Purr's sisters some attention. Cleo & Scooter, it's your turn to take center stage. Scooter is the tabby & Cleo is, well, uh-hummm, just Cleo. Being a tortie she has what you would call - tortietude...She takes full advantage of any attention she can get. She even nudges her way in to get that attention when someone else is at the receiving end. She thinks she's Queen of the house. She also has to go eat or drink when ever the other 2 kids are doing that. Miss little bossy nudge-nick. But, you gotta love her!!! Scooter is our little lady. She's the quiet one, but don't get on her bad side. She'll certainly put you in your place. I guess that's why when Jazz wants to play, Cleo is usually the one he bothers (I mean plays with).

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