Friday, November 18, 2005

Splitz Top is "Splitz" (& FF&L Progress)

I decided to frog the Splitz Top I had been working on. I just was not happy with it and I found that there were too many errors in the pattern which I really did not want to deal with. (The errata did not catch one of the glaring errors, so I decided it just was not worth my time). Here it is in all its glory in the frog pond...

Besides that, I've got the Clapotis bug again so I started my second one last night using the yarn from the Splitz Top. I am using Patons Grace in Tangello, size 6 US (4mm). It's a 100% mercenized cotton and I like the way it is knitting up.

I'm only through row 109 on the Frost Flowers & Leaves shawl. That translates to only one row of the FF&L knit all week!!! I needed to take a break from it but will get back to it this weekend. Here are my usual stats on my progress...

FF&L: % Complete as of Friday, 11.18.05

WORKING ON 3RD REPEAT OF CHART 2 (5 rounds to go)

One round knit since my last post --> 109 total rounds completed.

• 38,392 stitches cumulative (792 since last Thursday)
• 28% of body completed (0% since last Thursday)
• 24% of entire shawl completed, including edging (1% since last Thursday)

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