Thursday, May 18, 2006

The Amazing Lace - Challenge #1: Meet the Team

Call me crazy, but I joined yet another KAL. This one's THE AMAZING LACE. OK - so I have now entered the world of reality knitting...and no, I have never even watched The Amazing Race on TV. For reality TV I watch American Idol. (Go Taylor!!).

In this KAL, we are presented with challenges every two weeks. I know it will be tough & back-breaking, but I'm up for the challenge. I will be making the Icarus Shawl (yes, I also belong to the Icarus Shawl KAL, among others). The pattern is from the Summer 2006 issue of Interweave Knits, by Miriam Felton.

Our first challenge is to introduce ourselves.

There's me, Tammy, and ---

---my teammate, Autumn, a finicky red head. She hails from the Alpaca Cloud Provence of KnitPicks County. I hope I can keep her spirits in check. She can be pretty feisty at times. Oh well, I guess that's the nature of red heads. At least I can use that to my advantage. She'll be the one pushing our team to keep on going.

She even has her own name tag, so I guess that makes her an official entrant, the VIP, so to speak. The one in charge. The head honcho. The big cheese. You get the picture... She has the personality traits to keep us ahead of the game. I don't even have a name tag. Go figure...

Autumn's ready to travel the world in our adventure together. I'm looking forward to going where no knitter has gone before. Of course, we're going to need some form of transportation, some way to take us on our journey.

And this is it - our official means of transportation (we have plenty of spares in case of a breakdown, or worse yet, if we can no longer afford gas).

And then, of course, we have our Amazing Lace Board of Directors who will be monitoring our progress.

Our Announcer - Scooter

Our Chaperone - Cleo

Our TroubleMaker - Jazz-Purr



Kirsten said...

Fun post! I've been contemplating "Icarus" myself. It will be fun to watch your progress.
Is Jazz-Purr a Devon Rex? I used to have a Cornish Rex. He was the most wonderful cat. . .

cindi said...

Your Board of Directors looks to be a very paws-on group. I'm sure they'll make your Amazing Lace adventures lots more fun.

Theresa said...

Love the globe.