Saturday, March 10, 2007

Inside Out!

The name of the pattern is Inside Out and it is designed by Kaci Kyler Hays. The yarn is Socks That Rock Yarn from Blue Moon Fiber Arts in the colorway Monsoon. It's the first edition of the 2007 Rockin' Sock Club. This is my first foray into knitting toe-up socks. I've wanted to try toe-ups, but have been kind of intimidated by the thought of it. I know how to knit cuff down, I really enjoy it, and I think I am pretty capable of knitting any type of sock from the cuff down. So if that formula works, why fool with it? To coin an old phrase: "If it ain't broke, don't fix it."

Well, forget that. I love trying new things with my knitting. I enjoy teaching myself different techniques and taking on new challenges, so why not try toe-up socks? The perfect opporunity came with the Rockin' Sock Club's first kit for this year. And so far, I'm not disappointed. Here are the toes, short rows and all.

And true to form, I am knitting these both at the same time using the Magic Loop method - 2 socks on one circular needle. I'm using Addi Turbo's. For the toes, I used size 0 (2.0mm), 40". The pattern instructions called for a crochet provisional cast on, but I prefer using the magic 8 method. In that way, my extra stitches are already on a needle and therefore very easy to pick up and begin kintting.

Cleo came by and gave me her official meow of approval.

I'm now about 13 rows into the foot of my socks. I'm using size 000 (1.5mm), 40" Addi Turbo's. (The pattern was written for a size 10 foot and I'm only a 5 1/2, so I am using smaller needles). You may not be able to tell from the pictures below, but the pattern on the instep is slightly different from the pattern on the sole.



Needless to say, I have not knit Icarus for a few days. I may work on her a little bit tonight. I am making slow, but forward, progress on her, so that's a good thing. I'm up to row 150, which is not quite half way through the 5th repeat of chart 1. I still haven't decided whether or not I'll go for the 6th repeat. I'm 42% complete if I stick with just 5 repeats & 35% complete if I go with 6 repeats.


Pat said...

Hey - those toes look familiar! It looks like we have the same striping sequence going up the foot too...mine are on 2.0 mm.

Elizabeth said...

Tammy -
Completely cute socks! I hope mine come out that great - I'm in the RSC too and have to start mine for the 2nd time.