Sunday, March 18, 2007

Progress Report

*****Progress on my Inside Out Socks*****

Here, I'm about two thirds of the way through the foot. I'm using size 000 (1.5mm) Addi Turbo's, 47". I started out using the 40" length but with such tiny needles, I needed to go to the longer length to work the Magic Loop easier.

In this picture, I'm just about finished with the foot. The goal here is to end at about 1.75" before the back of the heel.

The heel is finally complete. I knit about 69 rows for the foot and then started the heel. I switched back to size 0's (2.0mm), still using a 47" length. It's actually quite interesting the way the heel takes shape using the short row technique. And there's no need to worry about picking up gusset stitches!! Knitting these socks from the toe up has been a lot fun and a great learning experience. I am really enjoying knitting something in a manner entirely differently than what I am used to.

Here's a view of one heel complete next to the other sock "in waiting."

*****Progress on my Icarus Shawl*****

Icarus is moving along quite nicely, as well (about 55% complete). I've pretty much decided to go with just 5 repeats of chart 1, although I still have a few more rows to go before I make a final decision. I do think the shawl will be big enough, though, without the 6th repeat.

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Pat said...

We even got the same striping! I've never knit with size 000 needles - sounds scary!