Saturday, January 12, 2008

Almost a Wrap

My Princess Wrap Pullover is now blocking. She came off the needles Thursday night and hit the blocks this morning. Once I've seamed her, she & I will take a trip to JoAnn's to pick out some buttons.

The picture below is how she'll look once the seaming is complete. I put the pieces together just to get an idea of how it would look - it's almost like a puzzle.

Pre-blocking // Pre-Seaming

The construction is pretty cool. You knit from the sleeves, starting with the cuff, and you increase and just keep on going into the body, knitting the body horizontally, completing each half of the body in one piece sliced vertically down the middle, so that you are knitting the front & back in one piece, with the right & left sides of the sweater as the two separate pieces. However, I knit both right & left at the same time. CONFUSED????? The bottom band is knit separately and is knit in a slip stitch pattern.

Here's what the pieces look like as they are blocking.


Each of the two larger pieces will be folded in half length wise to form each half of the body (right & left). The diagonal side of each piece is the neckline and the longer straight edged part is the sleeve. These two pieces will be seamed into each other to form the body of the sweater.

The bottom band will be sewn on last.

Pattern: Wrap Pullover by Cecily Glowik
Source: Classic Elite Publication #9084, Uptown Knitting
Date: Cast On 11.22.07 // Cast Off 01.10.08
Yarn: Classic Elite Princess, 8 skeins; Classic Elite Duchess, 2 skeins; Privileged Plum
Needles #1 - Sleeves & Body: Size 8 US (5.0mm), Clover Bamboo circular needles, 29"
Needles #2 - Hem: Size 10 US (6.5mm), Clover Bamboo circular needles, 29"
Note #1: Knitting sleeve/body two at a time
Note #2: Knit the smallest size for a smaller neckline, but added an extra inch for total width
Note #3: For bottom hem, knit the smallest size, but cast on 4 extra stitches (see note #2 above)

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