Tuesday, January 29, 2008

A Giant Leap for Knit Kind

Well I did it - I cast on for Arrowheads once again from Knitting out of Africa. I did attempt to go continental but found it too awkard so I'm back to throwing, just like in my first attempt. I am trying to knit this a lot looser, so hopefully things will work out better. We'll see.

You can read about my original trip to the frog pond a yeear ago with arrowheads here. Funny - I just looked at the date from my frog pond post - Jaunary 22, 2007. I cast on my second attempt on January 20, 2008, 2 days less than a year after I ripppppped her out!!!! Like I said - FUNNY.

I also just cast on for a baby sweater for a co worker. She's due in mid March. She's having a boy!! I'm using the Lion Brand Pattern # 60554A: Cotton-Ease Hoodie, although I'm not using Cotton-Ease. I was going to originally, but the yarn was not on sale and I was feeling cheap at the time and I am not real friendly with S, so I went with a cheaper yarn (besides I like the color better). I'm using Bernat Berella "4", a worsted weight in the Grey Ragg colorway.

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