Monday, August 15, 2005

Finally - another post...

Ok, Ok - I know - it's been almost a month since I last posted. And to think, when I started this blog, I figured I'd be posting everyday!!! But, after being on a computer all day at work, sometimes I just don't want to turn one on at home. It's been real hectic at work. We're working on the 06 plan and it's been taking up a lot of my time. Year-end is fast approaching, so I am gearing up for that as well. And with all the SOX stuff and forecasts left & right, it just never ends.

On the home front - Al had is surgery a week ago and now is in an extended care facility. We are hoping he'll be out of there soon. He just is not real motivated right now, for some reason. He only just started eating again yesterday. (He had not eaten since last Sunday - a whole week without food). We've been visiting him everyday, hoping that seeing his grandsons would perk him up a little. Charlotte has barely left his side.

Things are moving along with the Bar Mitzvah planning. The invitations are finished. We've just got to work on printing the addresses on the envelopes. There's also the inner envelope we need to print on as well. I hope to get the invitations mailed out by the end of August. So far, we're on track. We met with the caterer Saturday to start planning the menu. If weather holds up, we will be able to have the whole reception in the court yard. It will be really beautiful.

Since I last posted, I have completed 2 dishcloths (and am now out of the dishcloth mood). I have one more to finish - the elephant KAL which is SOTN. I've just got a few rows left - just need the motivation to complete it.

I also completed 2 scarfs and a baby hat & matching socks. One scarf is for my sister (the colorful one) and the poodle looking one is for me. The hat and socks are for Linda from work. She is expecting her first child at the end of October- and it's a girl!!!

I have finished the body of the Union Square Market pullover. I'm not sure how the whole thing will work out. My row gauge was off so I had to knit less rows than required, and I am not sure if this is going to mess up the shouder cap shaping of the sleeves. I went down a needle size for the sleeves, because when I used the size 4, the bell shaping turned out huge. I'm using a size 3 needle now so I'll see how that turns out. At this point, though, I am seriously contemplating ripping the WHOLE thing out. I keep telling myself to just complete one sleeve and see how well it works into the body. It's a good thing I am more of a process knitter than a product knitter. If I have to rip the whole thing out, I really won't mind all that much, because that means there's all that more to knit. I've got a few things in the pipeline, as well. There's a summer top I want to make (Knit 'n Style-August 2005, pg. 46). And there are 2 shawls I'd like to start soon - Flower Basket Shawl & Kiri. Oh, and I almost forgot - I still have a pair of socks SOTN. I'm just past the gusset, so am nearing completion. It's just that I have been working on too many other things right now. Maybe once I complete the Union Square Market Pullover (if I don't rip it out), I'll try to finish the socks. Ahhhh - so many things to knit, so little time to do it all...

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