Monday, August 22, 2005

Knit Kippah & Invitations

I just finished knitting a kippah for myself. It will make its debut at Jacob's Bar Mitzvah in November. I used Jennifer Tocker's pattern. It took just a few hours to complete. I used some leftover Koigu sock yarn on size 1 circular needles, using the magic loop method. My talit has burgundy & gold in it, so these colors will be perfect. I blocked it using scrunched up paper towels enclosed in a plastic bag.

After DAYS of finalizing the guest list and formatting the envelopes (both inner & outer) I have finally begun the printing process. The outer envelopes are complete. I still have to print the inner envelopes and hope to have that completed today. I'm just waiting for some final pieces of information. See all those boxes? Each piece of the invitation comes in a separate box. Here are my two helpers, the Bar Mitzvah boy himself and my sweet little "alien" kitty who jumped into the box because he thought he was a part of the invitation.

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Tess said...

Your cat is kinda Spooky but still really cute. :) Really like your kiri. But I do think that smaller needles will give a better fabric. I'm to start this shawl for my mom's Christmas gift but that is currently on the waiting list.