Wednesday, December 28, 2005

FF&L Milestone

FF&L: % Complete as of Wednesday, 12.28.05

WORKING ON 5TH REPEAT OF CHART 2 (11 rounds to go)

Nine rounds knit since my last update --> 135 total rounds completed.

• 61,864 stitches cumulative (8,776 stitches since my last update)
• 46% of body completed (7% since my last update)
• 39% of entire shawl completed, including edging (6% since my last update)

I may only knit 5 repeats of chart 2 rather than the 7 suggested by the pattern. This is a huge shawl, and being only 5'1" tall, I really do not need a huge shawl. I think it will be plenty big with only 5 repeats. I'll make the final decision once I complete the 5th repeat. Of course, all my % completion updates will change because the % will be based on a fewer number of stitches. I would actually be more like 55% complete (before edging) if I cut back on the number of repeats.

I have finally reached 1,000 stitches on the needles of the FF&L shawl (rounds 133 & 134). Now, each time I complete a round, that's AT LEAST 1,000 more stitches completed!! Here's some pictures of the shawl at the 1,000 stitch per round juncture.

In the middle of round 129, I switched to size 40" needles (addi turbos), mainly because I wanted to spread the shawl out a little to get some good pictures.

It was the third night of Hannukah last night.


Melissa said...

Oooh, your shawl is coming along so nicely! What a pretty color, too!

Mary in Maine said...

Beautiful! The peppermint is turning out to be a very lovely color. I am on the first repeat of chart 2 (row 75) using polar morn from HPY. Happy knitting!