Thursday, December 15, 2005

Grey Stripes Progress

I had plenty of time to knit yesterday, as I did not go into work. (Sometimes it's nice to be sick...). I progressed nicely on my socks getting to just past picking up the gusset stitches.

I specifically chose a back & front for the socks because the striping using the bamboo stitch kind of disappears due to the length of the color stripe which is not quite long enough to go two complete rounds. It therefore kind of messes up the striping. I wanted the full effect of the striping to show up on the front of the sock. The leg is 40 rounds of bamboo stitch. Generally, when I knit socks, I usually knit only 30 rounds for the leg, but I wanted these socks a little longer because I always end up with a fairly good amount of sock yarn left over. (I still knit my usual 20 rounds for the cuff).


BACK (note the disappearing stripes)

EOP HEEL (eye of partridge)


GUSSET P/U: Last but not least, the gusset stitches are all picked up. This is where I have to resort to using two circs to complete this part. I then put the two socks back on one circular. I like to arrange the stitches so that I am now knitting the socks in profile.

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