Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Knitting Olympics - Day 5

My Flower Basket Shawl for the Knitting Olympics is coming along quite nicely. I have just completed the 8th repeat of the lower flower basket chart. The pattern calls for only 7 repeats, but I wanted a larger shawl, so I am going to go with either 12 or 14 repeats. If I do 12 repeats, then I am 48% complete. If I go for 14 repeats, I would be 38% complete. I'll see how it goes. I'm using KnitPicks Essential & really like this yarn. It has a nice spongy feel to it.

This has turned out to be an extremely easy knit. Maybe too easy for the olympics? My biggest challenge is completing this on time, so I guess it still counts.

1 comment:

lobstah said...

This shawl is going to be gorgeous--love the shade of blue you chose.

Bummer about the kitty bed. I tried to make a felted purse out of Landscapes and ended up tossing it because it wouldn't felt! Of course, I've never really gotten anything to felt properly, so it could be me. The kitty bed is still cute and looks comfy!