Saturday, October 15, 2005

Chart 1 completed: FF&L

I have completed 66 rounds of the Frost Flowers & Field shawl, bringing me to the end of chart 1. Now it's time to get started on chart 2. I can't say enough regarding how much of a fun knit this shawl is. I am thoroughly enjoying the whole process. I have not had any problems with KnitPicks Alpaca Cloud, either. It's a nice soft yarn and I love the color I am using - peppermint. It glides quite nicely over my Inox needles, but not too much to cause the stitches to fall off.

I have a couple pictures below. Cleo is checking out my handy work and is trying her hand (paw) at knitting.

This next picture shows my "tools of the trade." I like to write out each row of the chart. It's easier for me to follow rather than reading directly from the chart. My eyes would get too lost reading the chart. I write out about 4 rows at a time, carefully counting all stitches to make sure I have the right amount. I count the stitches in my written row, and then count the stitches in the chart. Once I've finished knitting the 4 or so rows that I have written down, I yellow them on the chart and proceed to the next couple of rows. This breaks up the knitting a little bit, as well. I find that if I do too much at one time, I tend to make mistakes, so taking a breather every few knit rows by writing out the next few rows keeps me on track.

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Purl said...

Thanks so much for visiting my blog and admiring my Darcy! Your cats are absolutely adorable, and I love your knitting.