Saturday, October 22, 2005

National Junior Honor Society

Jacob was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society at his middle school Wednesday evening, 10.19.05. He's had straight A's all though school. Here are a couple pictures. (He's the one in the short sleeved red shirt).

On the knitting front, I have been working away on FF&L. It sure is slow going. It takes a little less than an hour now to complete one row. The time will only become longer per row as the stitches continue to increase. I have two rows left before I've completed the first repeat of chart two. I do not imagine I will have a whole lot of time to knit over the next couple of weeks because of Jacob's upcoming Bar Mitzvah. There's just too many things to take care of. I'll squeeze in as much time as I can, though!

PICTURES OF THE DAY - Of course, here are some cat pictures - I just couldn't resist. Jazz-Purr is our wild little white boy and Scooter is our sweet tabby girl.

Oh - what a sweet little white ball of fluffy cotton!!! He's so soft and is such an ABSOLUTELY WONDERFUL kitty!!!!!!

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