Sunday, October 09, 2005

No new "mews"

Nothing much to report. I'm still working on the FF&L shawl and am up to round 46 of chart 1. I decided to add markers between the 4 sides, rather than just the one at the start of the round. Now that there are a ton more stitches (& ever increasing), I figured I'd better get into the careful mode and count between markers before progressing to the next section to minimize the possiblity of tinking. I also have a lifeline sitting at round 38, so it's probably getting close to the point where I should add another one. I'm still using 16" cirs, but will probably switch to 24" soon. No other knitting is going on at the moment. I still have the Splitz Top & a pair of socks on the needles, but those will remain untouched for awhile, as I am just enjoying the lace knitting too much right now, to work on anything else.


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