Monday, October 03, 2005

Knitting Backwards

Ok - you probably think I mean knitting backwards as in knit a row and then rather than turning to purl the next row, you just knit the row backwards. Well, it's not what I mean (although this is a technique I will eventually have to teach myself). No, in this case, knitting backwards means I had to un-knit my knitting yesterday. Yes - the infamous, grueling: tink one stitch at a time knitting backwards feat. Starting at round 35, I had ended up at round 38 of my FF&L shawl and ended up with one less stitch than I should have. I tinked back a row and discovered that something went wrong with the tinking and I had to tink back another row, and another, and another. I ended up right where I had started - at round 35. Do the math, and that's 704 stitches I had to tink out. (And if you really want to get anal, add in the 704 stitches to get to round 38 in the first place, and that's a whopping total of 1408 stitches!!!!) It certainly is a good thing that I enjoy the process of knitting (& un-knitting) so much, because I certainly did not make any progress in my knitting yesterday.

On a lighter note, I'll be wearing Kiri tonight at services (Rosh Hashana begins tonight).

L'Shana Tova!!

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