Friday, October 14, 2005

Ruminations on Frost Flowers & Leaves

I've been busy working on my FF&L shawl. I am up to round 63 of chart 1. It's been extremely slow going but I don't mind. I am totally enjoying knitting this shawl. I had to tink back a couple of rows yesterday, but it was real relaxing to do so.

I was using a lifeline for a while. I had one at round 38, and then I put one in at round 54. Two rounds later, I noticed that one of the ends of the lifeline had worked its way out of a bunch of stitches, so I pulled the line out and rethreaded it through round 56. During the next round, I noticed that I had missed a few stitches. Well, if I ever had to go back to that lifeline, things would not be good, as there would be some stitches not appropriately accounted for. So - I pulled out that lifeline and am now going "lifeless." I really did not enjoy adding the lifeline in the first place. It was too tedious and boring.

I will go with my usual strategy of counting stitches - ALOT. This is what makes things go VERY slowly, though. I count stitches between all my markers (and the stitch count betwen markers is at the 100 stitch mark & growing). Right now I have 4 markers- one at each side of the shawl. I will add more markers once I reach chart 2, as there is a 34 stitch repeat which should be bounded by its own markers. I've got to make that section feel important, now, don't I? For each repeat of chart 2, the 34 stitch pattern repeat will also repeat, so my colony of markers will be growing accordingly.

I'll post pictures in a day or so. There's really not much to see, because as you know, lace stays all mashed up until its blocked. Its true beauty does not come through until the very end.

PICTURE OF THE DAY (OK - I couldn't pick just one...)

With Jacob's Bar Mitzvah fast approaching, I decided to post a couple of fun pictures from Adam's Bar Mitzvah 2 1/2 years ago. The first one is one of my favorites. It's Adam enjoying an ice cream sundae. The second one is Jacob playing the "guitar."

And, of course, I've just got to showcase my sweet little cutie-pie, Jazz-Purr.

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