Monday, November 06, 2006

Post #100!!!!

Wow - this is my 100th post.

My fail safe socks were not quite safe enough. I did not like how the colors were pooling with the 56 stitch cast on so I ripped out the socks. I had finished the legs (5 repeats of the pattern) and was about to start the heel but then decided to frog the whole thing and begin again with a 64 stitch cast on. I'm only about 4 rnds into the cuff ribbing but I like how the color patterning is coming out much better already. Unfortunately, I didn't think about taking a picture before I frogged the 56 stitch cast on, so I won't have any comparison pictures. I really enjoyed knitting the socks so I don't mind at all starting all over again. Once I make some more progress on this second go round I'll post some pics.

I think I am finally out of my knitting rut. I'm not sure when I'll start back on "Arrowheads" & the Icarus shawl, though. I'm having too much fun knitting socks again.

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