Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Fiesta Patchwork

I cast on for the Fiesta Socks by Lucy Neatby on Saturday using yarn from Blackberry Ridge which is 100% wool, fingering weight, in Cream & Tropical Fish. I am starting out knitting just one sock at a time since the pattern seems a bit complicated. The cuffs are knit sideways, in rows, grafted closed, and then stitches are picked up along the edge to start the leg which is knit in the round. Once I get to the leg, I may cast on for the other sock and then probably knit them at the same time. We'll see how it goes. The picture below reflects the cuff, about two thirds complete.

I also cast on for a scarf on Saturday and finished it today. I call it my patchwork scarf because it is made out of left over sock yarn. This particular scarf uses 17 different sock yarns and is for my MIL. She loved the one I had made for myself, so I decided to make one for her. I had made one for my sister & mother about a year ago.

The Stats:
Cast on: 11.18.06
Cast off: 11.21.06
Yarn: various left over sock yarn (17)
Needle: Clover bamboo, size 6, 24"
Pattern: Multi-Directional Scarf by Karen Baumer


Dipsy D. said...

Wow, I totally love your patchwork scarf, what a great color mix, just perfect for the grey and dreary days that are yet to come - with this scarf you'll definitely brighten up everyone's day!
Your socks are also coming along really nicely, beautiful colorway too!

Pat said...

Oh I LOVE the Fiesta Socks! I made mine 2 at a time and I made a rule that I had to finish each section on BOTH socks before I could start the next section. Of all the socks I've made THESE get the most oooohs and aaaahss from people!
Have Fun!